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Paul Glavin's Glavloc will revolutionise Ireland's construction industry

14 March, 2017

All roads led Paul Glavin to his business Glavloc Build Systems in 2015, a business that designs and manufactures fast build systems for the construction industry.


Midleton man Paul Glavin's 18 years experience in the civil and construction industries brought him to his business idea, an innovative approach to traditional building. Paul's idea came about as a response to the housing shortage at home and abroad which has become more and more prevalent over the past number of years. The company was originally formed with the idea of creating modular “Pod” style housing but it became evident that the system that was designed and patented to build the pods became worth more than the Pod idea. The company reached a “pivot point” and has since focused on developing the building systems, as well as adding a number of other products, to the product line. Glavloc Build Systems (GBS) designs and manufactures high performance “Passive Standard” rapid build systems for the construction industry. GBS prides itself on completing a job in approximately quarter of the time compared to traditional building methods, meaning an average structure built using GBS products can be completed within 6 weeks depending on the exact options and specifications required.

Why GBS is different to what's already out there:

Current building systems are either traditional build on site type systems such as masonry buildings, or predesigned timber frame buildings assembled in factories. Both are inefficient forms of construction which require large amounts of labour. GBS is a fully automated fabrication process which minimises both on-site and offsite labour, allowing for a higher quality passive rated structure for comparative building costs to a traditional build. The buildings are built on site out of a small number of standard components, which can be configured to most building types. On average buildings can be completed in a quarter of the time that it takes to build a traditional building. Passive rated structures are typically between 30% and 40% more expensive than basic traditional build costs. However, GBS gives passive performance for a comparative price to traditional build. Since launching in August 2016, Paul's company has completed three units; two crèches and one domestic build, with a further 20 projects in the pipeline for this year. Speaking of his experience on the New Frontiers Programme, Paul says, "the programme has been invaluable, in particular the mentoring, workshops and peer to peer learning. New Frontiers has given me the space and resources to develop aspects of the company that up to now have been neglected. Like lots of start-up companies, it is all too easy to focus on the product rather that the business strategy. The course has enabled me to develop a comprehensive commercialisation strategy by providing the developmental tools and skills necessary."

Best advice you have ever received?

“The best solutions come out of scarce resources” This was advice that I got from my local enterprise office. I would whole heartedly agree with this statement as it forced me to design much simpler solutions to key problems, which in turn has led to a far better product. I did find it hard to appreciate this at the time however!!

Your advice to young entrepreneurs?

Be realistic and honest to yourself with your idea. Anyone can convince themselves that their idea is great. Try and validate your idea in a fair manner before wasting years of your life on it, and don’t be afraid to modify or change it based on this validation process.

What advice you would give yourself if starting all over again?

Start younger! I have a young family which makes setting up a business all the more challenging.  

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