Enterprise Intern

If you’re considering applying for the role of the Student Enterprise Intern (SEI) or you’re just curious about what the SEIs do on a day to day basis read our account of an intern’s day below.


As the Enterprise Intern based in the Faculty of Engineering and Science, my main role is to encourage, promote and develop entrepreneurship throughout CIT’s main campus and also The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI). This role is fulfilled by completing a wide variety of tasks throughout the year, by collaborating with academic & non-academic staff within the faculty, the staff & companies based in the Rubicon Centre and any relevant external people/organisations.

On a day to day basis, there is interaction with a core group of staff within the faculty who will assign work for me relevant to what’s going on in the college at that time. First thing in the morning, I will meet up with the Faculty Team to discuss the previous days progress and implement a plan for the day’s work/ weeks work. Bi-monthly, I will meet with the Head of Faculty where we discuss some project ideas that I will take on and develop, such as the ‘STEM Entrepreneur of the Year’ competition.

There is also daily interaction with the staff based in the Rubicon Centre. When there isn’t a scheduled meeting, I will call over at the coffee break at 11am. This gives us the chance to talk face to face about any upcoming events. The opportunity is there to collaborate with everyone and anyone but I mainly work with the Programme Manager for Entrepreneurship and my fellow Rubicon Enterprise Intern.

Mostly we work together to reach the CIT students through a number of different routes. Early in Semester 1, the main focus is delivering business model canvas to over 1200 students throughout the campus. Further in the semester we judge the business ideas that are developed, where ultimately there is a winner. Alternatively, the work I do with the Rubicon could be as simple as giving a tour of the Rubicon Centre to a group or manning the front desk.
It’s tough to pinpoint the typical day in the life of an Enterprise Intern, due to the fact that the work completed is quite diverse; this isn’t a complaint but more of a compliment. My tasks evolve as the academic year progresses which adds to the enjoyment of the internship as this provides a full and challenging working experience meeting and interacting with new people, which keeps life interesting.

Throughout the year I’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of projects such as STEM South West, IWISH Programme, CIT Roadshow and Innovation Week just to name a few. In the coming months I will be heavily involved in delivering the Student Inc. Programme which I’m really looking forward to.

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