A Day in the Life of An Enterprise Intern in the Rubicon

If you’re considering applying for the role of the Student Enterprise Intern (SEI) or you’re just curious about what the SEIs do on a day to day basis read our account of an intern’s day below.


The main job of the SEIs is to promote entrepreneurship to CIT students on all 4 campuses, a very broad description. From September 2020 there will be 4 SEIs, 2 based in the Rubicon Centre and 1 based in both the Faculty of Engineering and Science and 1 based in the Faculty of Business & Humanities.

What is entrepreneurship you might ask? Some of us may be entrepreneurs already without even knowing it. Did you set up a TY mini company? Do you have a side hustle that earns you some extra cash? Have you been working on an idea that you think one day might change the world?

Entrepreneurship is “the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Throughout the year there are 6 main activities/ competitions/programmes that dictate what the SEIs do on a daily basis:

1. Business Model Canvas
2. CIT Innovation Challenge
3. Innovation Week
4. Prize for Innovation
5. Dragons Den
6. Student Inc.

These are the larger projects that we work towards throughout the year but how do they fit into our daily schedule?

We start each week with an Intern meeting. This involves all the SEIs and their respective managers. We have a set agenda and we discuss what we did in the previous week, what our plans are for the coming week and a review of each of the 6 main areas listed above. We also have a PR intern who attends these meetings and we discuss any publicity possibilities. You usually leave these meetings with a clear plan for the week along with some specific tasks.

After the intern meeting you could be rushing off to your first class of the week as part of your MA.  You can choose any Masters in CIT and study part time alongside your role as SEI. Our studies always take priority and we must stay on top of college work so we can deliver our commitment to the SEI role.

Day to day duties in the Rubicon include giving tours to classes from CIT and international visitors. The job of the intern is to educate these groups about what the activities of the various companies in the Rubicon Centre do and outline the entrepreneurship eco-system in CIT. PowerPoint presentations and public speaking are skills used daily by the Intern.

Next you might have a student referral; this is a student who has got in contact about a business idea and they want some guidance on what steps to take next. You meet with the student and a manager from the Rubicon Centre, take notes and advise on what supports are available. You also need to update the Rubicon’s CRM system.

If it’s semester one, you could have a Business Model Canvas lecture after lunch. Business model canvas is part of the CIT module. In semester 1 2019 the SEIs met with 1,200 first year students from 33 classes and delivered a business model canvas workshop and marshmallow challenge to them.

You then dash back to your desk to do a social media update about your tour/marshmallow challenge. You get a chance to answer emails, these could be from lecturers looking for a class talk or tour or it could be from a student with a query about a programme/competition.

You get the opportunity to make a start on your tasks from the Intern meeting earlier. If you’re preparing for an upcoming event you could be working on logistics such as booking catering, booking a room, liaising with speakers/ guests and preparing social media content.

The role of the SEI is very varied and not just a 9-5 desk job. No two days are the same. The work gives you broad experience in everything from presentation skills, event management, project management, social media and much more. You have the opportunity to use the skills you are learning from your Masters and get hands-on experience. This is just a small sample of what the intern does every day.

We are currently recruiting for 3 SEIs. For more information click here

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