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Hincks Seminar Series - Research & Practice Opportunities in Minority Entrepreneurship


When: Friday the 8th of March 2019

Time: 10-12pm

Where: Seminar Room Melbourne

What is it?

This is a guest lecturer from Professor Tom Cooney. Recent annual reports by the OECD on 'Missing Entrepreneurs' have focused on Women, Immigrants, Youth, Unemployed, Seniors and People with Disabilities. But 'Missing Entrepreneurs' can also include other disadvantaged and marginalised communities such as Ex-Offenders, Travellers, NEETs, LGBT, Indigenous, Veterans and Refugees. There is a dearth of research regarding the entrepreneurial behaviour of many of these communities and the additional and distinctive challenges that they face when starting a business. This presentation questions the manner in which minority or disadvantaged communities are understood by researchers, practitioners and policymakers, and argues that substantial research and practice opportunities await those who wish to analyse entrepreneurial behaviour within these communities.



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