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Enterprise Interns

The role of the Intern is to actively support, promote & develop a spirit of Enterprise & Self-Employment amongst students attending CIT. This entails the implementation of a range of new initiatives, activities and competitions which support this goal. The interns encourage students to voice their ideas and to create a sense enthusiasm around their product/service. The interns are actively involved in the CIT Business and Enterprise Society, which helps students kick-start their business idea.

Emilie-Kate O'Mahony

Emilie-Kate O’Mahony holds a BBs in Culinary Arts and has just completed a BBs (Hons) in Hospitality Management. Emilie is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business with a speciality in Marketing. Emilie has an avid interest in enterprise and loves working with students to help them acheive their entrepreneurship goals.

Sorcha Mac Mahon

Sorcha Mac Mahon holds a Bachelor of Music from CIT's Cork School of Music and has recently completed a Certificate in Digital Marketing from CIT. Sorcha is currently pursuing a Masters in PR and New Media. Sorcha is enthusiastic about encouraging entrepreneurship and helping others achieve their full potential.

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