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Innovation Week Information

Prize for Innovation

Shortlisted Applicants 2020


SightScan- Winner 2020


SightScan won the overall title of CIT Entrepreneurs of the Year 2020 as well as scooping  the top prize of €4,000. SightScan is a device to reduce the failure rate (currently at 33%) of eye surgery for strabismus (cross-eyed). The group is made up of Mechanical, Biomedical and Accounting students.

TUNIC- Winner 2019


Patrick won 2019's CIT Entrepreneur of the Year and the €4,000 for his idea TUNIC.

Safetly Snooze - Winner 2018

The winners Safely Snooze came up with an idea for Sleep Paralysis. The idea for the device is to help improve the lives of those who suffer from sleep paralysis. The device wakes the person up from an episode of sleep paralysis which will reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation by breaking the cycle of sleep paralysis.


Dialast - Winner 2017

Dialast swooped up first place achieving a whopping €4,000. This group consisted of a group of Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering students.

“Glucadose, our product, is an implantable, emergency device for people with Hypoglycaemia. It is an innovative, first of its kind device providing the user and their loved ones peace of mind and security”. (Dialast).

Stroke Sense

Stroke Sense followed closely with best business opportunity and secured an investment of €1,500. Stroke sense was a multi-disciplinary group that consisted of students from Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Business Studies.

“StrokeSense is a medical application device design. StrokeSense is designed for people at risk of suffering a stroke and incorporates a brand new innovation in this field. Built by a multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Business, StrokeSense has the potential to save lives” (Stroke Sense).


Crúthú had a very impressive pitch that secured a €1,000 investment. “Cruthú is a creative studio that designs and implements interactive, projection-mapped business expo booths which are available for businesses to buy in customisable, easy-to-use packages to fit their needs and budget”. (Crúthú).

King Fisher 

Deirdre Feeney of Kingfisher secured the prize of Best Stand on exhibition stage and snapped up an investment of €1,000. “The Kingfisher Company produces Salmon Crème Brule which is a savoury custard containing only the finest and freshest ingredients.  The product was established as a niche in the market was identified for a convenient, luxury salmon product to meet the growing demand for a unique, speciality convenience product”. (Deirdre Feeney).


Aware Bear

The Enactus & Social Innovation award was achieved by Aware Bear who secured an investment of €1,000. “Aware Bear is an interactive plush teddy bear with wellness features recommended by a child psychotherapist to encourage this key development”. (Aware Bear).


Artery Aid

Artery Aid had secured the NIMBUS development prize of €3,000. This €3,000 voucher grants Artery Aid time with the NIMBUS research centre to assist them with the development of their idea. “Artery Aid is a new medical device designed specifically for people who suffer from peripheral Arterial disease. This is where the blood vessels in the lower extremities narrow due to plaque build-up. Currently, there are 200 million people worldwide who suffer from peripheral arterial disease”. (Artery Aid).

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